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Why Food, & Why Us (Part 1)

June 8, 2011

The thing is, I just love to eat.

Right, I know what you’re thinking. Errrrybody loves to eat, dumbass….we’re the fattest nation in the world. But kids…I really love to eat. I was that little girl, 12 years old, and 85 pounds wet begging to order the biggest prime rib on the menu, or asking for an extra plate for my 6th trip back to the buffet. As I got older, these habits didn’t die. I have told every boyfriend I have ever had that, frankly, I would rather go out to eat than get a gift. Some girls like jewelry, I like prix fixe.

 I always viewed eating as a very pleasant supplement to my “real” life. I went to law school and got my food fix mostly by ordering from someone else—cooking certainly didn’t fit into the chaos of classes, briefs, and late-night library visits. I graduated law school and got a real job.. .and found that constant take-out and girls dinners were no longer budget-compatible. Also, the years of studying and partying and constant chaos settled down into a routine, where I actually had TIME.  As I settled into big-girl life and a big-girl routine, I realized that the best way for me to eat the food I wanted to, as much as I wanted to, was to learn how to cook.

I started inviting friends over for little family dinners, trying out different googled recipes and picking up cookbooks on amazon.  I saved so my friends and I could try out a really great restaurant every once in a while, savoring the experience. Along the way, I discovered a real passion for food—not just eating it, but cooking, reading, learning, and talking about it. And talking about it. And talking about it. I started talking to my friend Ms. MT about cooking, and restaurants, and recipes, and how goddamn duck confit was on every menu these days. We drank and talked and drank and talked and boom—here we are.

So. Here goes nothing—we are  two lawyers who often find food more fascinating than statutes.  We’re here to talk everything food—recipes, restaurant reviews, trends, ingredients, and experiments. Read, enjoy, leave us a little feedback, share some food stuffs of your own.  Hope you’re hungry!

Check back tomorrow for an introduction to Ms. Melba Toast, as well as an adventure in green garlic, and an ode to the food processor.  Yeah, we’re getting all Shakespeare and shit.

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